My Life Through Pictures

How are you all doing guys?! Been a little occupied this summer as you can tell from my travel posts and from my frequent mia. Summer has been so good to me, it allowed me to work on our Usana business and do a lot more stuff including travels. I cannot fully detail everything that happened here on my blog and instead, I posted pictures to tell stories on my Instagram account.  I'm currently spaced out of what to blog here because I have so much to think of our Usana business, my online shop and the upcoming back to school (ughhh!), For now, let me share to you my life through pictures.
The whole family attended a good family friend's wedding at Cagayan de Oro City. It was so nice seeing them for almost 15 years! been so long!

I became a godmother to my best friend's son, Krian ; which by the way is a little male version of her!

Another trip to Cagayan de Oro with these beautiful people for some errands and a little shopping adventure :)

Current favorite! I've never tasted a doughnut this good! For people living here in Iligan, or if anyone of you happen to drop by in my city, I recommend you try Brews Almighty's Oven Toasted Chocolate Doughnut. It's so damn delicious! 

And as you can tell from my previous post, I've been to Cebu and was able to meet again many of my friends that I have not seen for almost a year!!!! It was such a good time and I enjoyed every moment while I was there but time flew so fast! I really don't know why time goes so quick whenever it's a special moment yet when you're so bored and have nothing to do time seems to be walking one step at a time! have you ever felt like that?

Anyways, guys I think that's all I could say for now. My mind is quite busy as of the moment and I don't have the luxury of time to really blog and create content right now :) but i'm active on instagram ( so better yet follow me there so I could follow you too! Also, be sure to check my shop on instagram ( cheap yet gorgeous trendy items! Till my next post guys! have a great day!



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