Usana All Stars 2015 Convention

This is the main purpose of my Manila travel , Usana. And travels are the main reason why I love Usana! it's totally a win win situation for me! and so I can really say I'm at the right company. I'm not gonna advertise or try to sell Usana to any of you guys but if you're interested just click the contact me button up in the nav bar :)
I've been doing Usana for months now and days ago was my very first time to enter our main office at Makati. It felt surreal like I was dreaming. I've always talked about this on every orientation I've done and at last I've stepped in here for the first time.

The moment you step in here's what you'll see in front of you. You will see at the left side a photo of Nathaniel Sunio and his lovely wife, our newest 3star Diamond Director from our very own team OneX8.
At the back of the front desk were tables for one on one discussion and computers free of use for anyone who wants to access their Usana accounts.

At the other side of the office is the counter where all the orders and money transactions are held. It's like a mini bank.
I was not able to take a picture but there's a room on the left side of the office intended for seminars and can also be use as extension for one on one discussions. 

After visiting the office, we headed to Makati Sports Complex for the OneX8 Event.
Got our tickets!
He is alive and kicking! I cannot believe I would meet Natahaniel Sunio in person! I was far though but hearing his voice and seeing him from afar felt weird actually. I've heard and talked about him for months and now I finally met him!

 The next day was the day we've waited for. Everyone wore their respective team shirts and we were proud to be in the OneX8 family. I was with my sister, cousin and Aunt who are also Usana Associates. Also, with us are our co-associates who came all the way from Iligan like my sister and I.
We broke the record!.We were the largest USANA crowd the world has ever seen.
David Wentz was in the house!
Overall, the experience was quite tiring with the busy schedule but it was all worth it! Looking forward for more Usana activities!


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