In the Metro

This wonderful shot of the MOA Eye is very refreshing and calming. Yes I was there days ago hence the hiatus. I was in Manila for about four days to attend the Usana All Star Convention and also to visit some relatives and see what's in the Metro.  

We had Pepper lunch for lunch (obviously) and it tastes good. It reminds me of my Malaysia OJT days where I always get this kind of food because that's all I can eat. 

I didn't have any picture but we watched Jurrasic Park in 3D and it was SO GOOD! the effects were so on point and the 3D made it even more realistic! my eyes were all stressed out after watching though, like literally my eyes were all red. 

We then went out along the bay where all these mini rides are located. There were so many people, each having their good times. And so we tried the MOA eye. 

 My sister has a cold blood when it comes to extreme rides and adventures. She feels like she's gonna die trying them out, even by simply riding inside the giant Ferris wheel which in contrast I totally find at ease, relax and safe!
Our view from the top :)

My dear cousins with my niece and nephew. I haven't seen them for quite some time and this was the perfect time to visit and see what's up and how are they going :) good to know they're all fine and happy.
It was June 12 so it was just in time for the Independence Day hence the quotation. I'm actually loving the metro scenery but not all of it. It's literally hot like I'm always soaked with sweat the moment I step out under the sun. I promise I could die in there because of heat stroke. I only loved the Malls and Makati and if you were to ask me, I wouldn't live in the Metro if it isn't Makati. Makati is such a wonderful place, I couldn't imagine myself living elsewhere if I happen to decide in living the Metro life. I'm not being choosy I'm just stating my preferences. 

I had so much things I wanna do but I only had limited time. I wanted to catch up with some of my friends but I was pressed with time and I couldn't miss my Usana appointments because that's the main reason why I traveled all the way from Iligan in the first place. How I wish I could slow down the time or extend hours on day to day basis (lol). Next time, I will stay much longer and explore more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I will post separately my Usana experience. Till next time!


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