Beauty Review: Bornpretty Store Blush Palette

Comment below of you feel super super hot as days pass. Coz I do. It's definitely still summer right now here in my country though I know for some of you, summer has just started. It's quite rainy the past few days but it's still very hot especially before the rain pours. Did you also notice that? whenever it feels very humid and hot, rain is for sure on its way.

Anyway, whether its hot or cold we never want to look pale and haggard right? there are definitely times when we need to put some color to lift ourselves up. You now what I mean? makeup instantly boosts confidence! you can opt for a full makeup but I recommend a natural light makeup that doesn't look too made up on everyday basis. A lipstick or a hint of blush will surely make a difference!
I recommend especially for beginners to buy a blush palette. Not only you can save tons of money but also you get four gorgeous shades for the price of one. And Bornprettystore's 4 Colors Blush Palette is a perfect choice!

The packaging was good. It looks sleek and on point. I also love that it comes with a plastic cover inside to protect the blushes and brushes.

The shades were great! the palette is very versatile as it comes with very gorgeous shades perfect for any occasion! I love that I can choose whatever shade I want in just a single palette. The shades suits my skin tone quite well too. 

It's very pigmented. I even had trouble trying it out the first time because I swirled my brush quite well and it took  a lot of powder in it and when I applied it on, it was a disaster! I looked like a clown with heavy dense blush on the cheek. I was pretty much surprise with the pigmentation. But I love it! because it only means I don't have to pick much of the powder to pop a color on my cheeks and that I can use it for quite a long time than the usual blushes I tried. 

It blends well but you just have to be quite careful with swirling your brush on it because it's very pigmented. If you don't wanna look like you've just been slapped, carefully load your brush with the blush ; small frequent application. 

I got it for only around $5. Four gorgeous blushes for the price of one? quite a steal right!
but if you want to save more, then use my code ROSEH10 to get 10% when you shop at bornprettystore ! Happy shopping! :)


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