Beauty Essentials

 I’ve been doing the Blog Challenge and believe it or not, I’ve been doing this since 2012 and I’m still halfway of the list. Hahahaha I know .. I know how lame I am.  Sorry, I just have other things to prioritize and well, although blogging is a big part of my life, practically speaking it’s not one of my top priorities right now.

But it’s better late than never right? Whenever I don’t have any idea of what to post, I look up to the list of challenges. So today, I’m doing one from the list. Yay!
I’m a makeup lover and I believe with its power in making such wonders.  Imagine yourself transforming into someone else in just a few minutes. You can totally be anyone you like! Be it celebrities, influential people or basically anyone! There’s no limitation to makeup! even your self-confidence could be uplifted. That’s how powerful makeup is.
For everyday basis, I don’t really wear heavy loads of makeup. I prefer to look natural rather than all made up. So my beauty essentials aren’t really that many. Here are some.

Food Supplements
Beauty starts from within. Taking care of your health will give you a younger looking skin. Personally for me, the most important thing to beauty is having a good skin.  There’s nothing more beautiful than natural beauty and so if you have good skin there’s basically no need for you to apply makeup. My family and I have been using Usana for our overall health. What's great about the products is because they're all made and developed by Dr. Myron Wentz, a world renowned scientist. You might wanna google about Usana or Dr. Myron Wentz because it'll will be a very long blog post if you ask me about it.  

 Facial Soap
I don’t really have long facial routine, in fact I only use Ellise Carrot Soap (email me if you want to order) daily to remove makeup, oil and dirt on my face.  My face was so full of pimples before when I was in high school and this soap saved me! I don’t use toners and all other products right now except for this. They say it’s important to apply this and that … But most makeup products available in the market actually contain preservatives, chemicals and alcohol that are actually not good for the skin. For me, it’s better not to apply any than damage the skin by such products right? it’s so hard to find pure organic products and so far, I’m still on the process of finding the right products for me.

I cannot go out without my trusted concealer (Fany Serrano). I honestly feel like a walking zombie without concealer!

For Brow Products
But if given 3-5 minutes to groom, aside from concealer, I'll definitely define my brows. If your eyes are the window to your soul, as for me the brows are like frame to the eyes. Notice how eye brow shapes can change a look? My over used brow powder is from KKCenterHk and my brow gel is from Bornprettystore.

I have a combination type of skin. My face tends to get super oily on my T-zone especially in the summer season when it's super hot. Given this, I tend to use Maybelline Baby Skin as primer to control oil and also to blur out pores. I also love that it makes my face smooth and makeup ready!

I think that's all guys. Again, though I'm fond of makeup and all things about it, when it comes to "essentials" I don't really have a long list. These products for me are the most important ones that I think I cannot skip doing. You know what I mean? :)

Anyway, I'd like to know your makeup essentials too! leave them on the comment section down below. See you on my next post! <3


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