DIY Flash Tattoo Nail Art

Hey guys! I cannot contain my excitement as i'm typing these words because I am back with a DIY after a long long time! I cannot already remember when was the last time I did a DIY and so I was super happy and excited doing this whole thing.

If you remembered my post about my first metallic tattoo experience (click here), I had bits and pieces of metallic tattoo left overs and I thought trashing them away seems very uneconomical so I kept them. Good thing I came across a video in youtube and I was inspired so I immediately tried it out! 
If you're sick and tired of your boring, plain nail colors and you want to spice them up a bit ... here's a super easy DIY for you guys! I tried to document the whole process as much as I could so here it goes....

1. The first thing you gotta do is to gather all the materials. In this case, you'll need a scissor, a clear polish, pieces of flash tattoos, some nail accessories you like to add and also a small bowl of water.

Be sure that you're nails are already dry with your preferred base color. I recommend you to color your nails the day before this process.

2. Plan the design you want before you start cutting the tattoos. Once you already figure out the design you like, I recommend to lay the cutouts in order, so you can check how it might look like when worn. 

3. Start sticking the tattoos. The same process of how you stick it with your skin; peel the clear plastic first before you stick it facing your nails, damp a little bit of water then peel the paper out. Here, I used a small brush to even out the tattoo.

 4. It will look a bit messy at first but don't worry because it's super easy to clean all the mess. You just need some water and all you have to do is rub the area you want to clean out.

5. When everything seems good, seal the tattoos with a clear polish. Let it dry completely for a few minutes and you're done!

 I hope you find my instruction understandable and clear. hahaha I know for some of you, you'll find it difficult but I swear, in the actual it's very easy! Simply follow the steps and recommendations I gave you and you'll surely be able to do it with ease.

*till m next post! 


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