Keep Simple

People often get shocked or doubtful when they know about my blog; that I blog and what's even worse is that I blog about fashion, beauty and all things girly. They've known me for so long and for so long they see me in my simplest self. My regular shirt-jeans-sneakers self. And so when they see my facebook and instagram posts promoting my blog they get pretty much overwhelmed with how I changed over the years.
The only thing constant in this world is change. People change and I do too. But I'd like to call it improve and develop rather than change. Because I didn't changed, maybe in some aspects but overall I'm still the same as before. As for how I dress, yes I do dress according to trend and what's in but most of the time I'm still the usual shirt-jeans-sneakers self.

There's nothing wrong with change if its for the better right? :) 


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