Summer Must Haves!

Hi lovelies! how's your summer going? :) I hope you're having a blast as early as now. Although we have almost a year round of summer like weather, summer season is still different. It's the time of the year when people just take a break from work and go on a vacation somewhere; things that we can never do if its not summer. So spend your summer wisely! coz summer will be over soon, time flies really fast and you wouldn't even notice a thing. 

If you're planning to go on a crazy adventure or simply going to the beach, you have to be summer ready! These are just a few of my summer essentials or things that I always bring with me this season.
1. Great cover up
Always bring a cover up to complete the summer vibe. This will also be a great way for either sun protection or for a cold air at night. Choose a cover up that still look stylish while not sacrificing comfort. Here I have my favorite crochet cover up from Romwe.

2.Sleeveless cotton tank top 
It's summer and the sun is up for hours. You will surely get sweaty and heated up so you will need a very comfy and breezy cotton tank top to counter the hot weather.

3. Denim high waisted short
High waisted shorts are in right now and you should not miss the trend! flaunt your favorite denim shorts with cute prints on it to bring life on your look just like my favorite Bart denim short from Romwe.

4. A pair of sunglasses
ALWAYS bring with you a pair of sunglass. Whether you're going out to the beach, or even when you're shopping, you have to have a pair of sunglass to protect your eyes! The one I'm using lately is my favorite Romwe Heart Sunglasses.

5. Sunblock
This is a must have for this season! protect your skin from the harsh sunlight by applying ample amount of sunblock an hour before you got out of the house.

6. Trusted primer
Because of the weather, we easily sweat and our face tend to be more oily than ever. Use a very good primer like Maybellines' to control the oil. Also, bring with you an oil blotting paper to retouch :)


I don't really have much summer essentials as I'm not the person who likes to bring bulky bags. As much as possible I want light packs so I really spend much time narrowing the important things I'm bringing on a summer trip. I'm not the bikini type of girl. I don't have a beach body to flaunt but even if I have *in my dreams! HA! I can't still dare to wear one so bikinis and the likes are not on my list.

So those are my summer must haves, what's yours? 


  1. Sunnies and sunblock, also shorts are my must-have. Great post. xx

  2. Very cute dresses for babies. Sunblock is a must

  3. That Bart Simpson denim short is so geeky chic. I love it! :)

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