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I'm a 100% Iliganon but I've never been to many places that Iligan has to offer. I've never really been an outgoing person, I'm mostly at home sitting comfortably watching TV or blogging perhaps. But I promised to my self to be productive and outgoing and so this summer I won't care if I get sunburned as long as I can do and enjoy all things that summer has to offer. My friends and I went to several places around the city. Places that people from other places crave to see.

Our first stop, no other than the famous Maria Cristina Falls!
100% no filter! this photo doesn't even give justice when you see this falls personally. It's just breathtaking! Lord is indeed amazing and powerful.

What made it more special was because I was with my friends, They're rarely in the city as they are staying in Cebu so we really made the most of our time together.

It's so hot 'ya know!

 Next stop is Mimbalut Falls! I've been here years ago and it was not this good! It was just falls, no more no less. Now it offers several activities like swinging on top of the falls, hanging bridge, rock climbing and swimming pools with fresh water from the spring!
It was scary at first but as we went on, the breathtaking view overwhelmed us. 

The last spot we went to was Macapagal's Ancestral House. Our former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her ancestors used to live here. Good thing the local government preserved the beauty and the old original vibe of the place.
Gloria's play house was just too cute! and yet I was still able fit in. Haaaaaaaaaay!

After the escapade, we went on to Suarez to eat and celebrate their fiesta! we were all hungry and the timing was just perfect! we ate like beasts! lol


  1. I also want to see the maria cristina falls.;) soon...

  2. I've never been but it looks amazing! It must have been so fun to go with friends! :) xx


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