How To: Groom Brows

I'm no makeup expert! I just happen to use makeup and I just wanna share how I do my brows. It's actually pretty simple : shape-fill-place . The hardest part is not the brow powder/pencil application, it's actually the shaping part. Aside from it's kinda annoying how brow hairs easily grow and that you have to shave them or pluck them , the pain makes it more tricky. But once you get used to it and you know how to maintain your brow shape, filling in won't be hard for you!
To give you a hint of how easy it is, here's how:
* Shape the brows ; this might be the hardest part. If you're not an expert in shaping brows, you might want to find a friend or go to a salon to shape up your brows.
*Maintain the brow shape:  this step is actually a lot easier. All you have to do is pluck or shave those unwanted brow hairs that reshapes the brows. You have to always do this to maintain the shape.
*Fill int he brows:  use brow powder for a more natural look or a brow gel/pencil for a more precise look. All you have to do is fill in the spars evenly. Just follow the shape of the brow.
*Set the brow hair: use a brow mascara to set the brow hairs in place. And then you're done!

Eyebrow powder: KKCenterHK.Com
Eyebrow Mascara: BornprettyStore.Com

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  1. Good makeup ideas! What about sharing opinions on the bridal hairstyles? Here are some of my inspirations from Disney Fairy Tales,

  2. Good makeup ideas, let's share more opinions on the bridal hairstyles, which I got the inspiration from Disney Fairy Tales


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