CrazyBeautifulYou Inspired Edgy/Fierce Look

I rarely dress up girly and perky. Most of the time, I wear jeans and shirt ; simple as that. But in times when I'm in the mood, I like wearing black ensembles. Something neat, minimal and edgy; that's just me. As much as possible, I stay away from pink and any other girly colors. I think it just passed me, I mean I'm turning 22 and I don't think too girly outfit suits me anymore. right? style comes in age indeed. lol

 Have you seen the movie #CrazyBeautifulYou? if you're from my country, I bet most of you have watched it already. I've been dying to watch it in cinemas but I'm broke! totally broke! But instead of crying myself out, I thought why not create a #CBYJackieinspiredlook ! the idea just came and boom! I got this look out of the blue.
 If you've seen the trailer, you'll know that #Jackie (played by Kathryn Bernardo) has this edgy, chic-rebellious look ; black, violet, grey - dark tone colors. She wear shorts and boots most of the time, also, she always have that edgy necklace that I really love!
I also did her famous smokey-subtle eye look ; mine's lighter  though, I smoked out the eyeliner instead of having a full blast smokey eye. I got lazy *tehee

 And what is a rebellious look without these edgy accessories!? 

Skull Ring: Rings&Tings
Knuckle Rings: LoveandEleganceShop
Boho Bracelet: LoveandEleganceShop

There's that #Jackie thing that I see in myself too. Not because I lack my parent's attention just like her in the movie, but what I mean is her soft side despite her strong and fierce look. To others, they say I look "maldita" and "snob" but that is totally not true! I may look like that but you'll see how crazy I am if you'll know me really well. But here's the thing, I don't really act myself unless I'm with my closest friends. Normally, I'm quiet and I only talk if someone talks to me or ask me, if not then my mouth just shuts up.

Aside from that, other people say that I'm tough and I don't get hurt, but the truth is I am just good hiding all of it. Deep down it hurts, it actually hurts. But I always manage to fake a smile or two to portray that I am totally fine. I don't know but I'm just like that ever since and I'm used to it. In fact, I'm already immune to some cases. 

Enough of that! *wink* I haven't seen the movie yet, but I will 'coz I promised that to myself. lol
'Till my next post lovelies!


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