What's in the mail: Born Pretty Stuff

 I got a mail! Finally, I was able to get a hold on these items! been waiting for these faves for months now. I almost thought they were lost! t.t 
These items are from the awesome people behind Born Pretty. I bet you already know them. Because as much as I can remember, I've known them since I was just starting in blogging. Gladly, they sent me a these lovely items from their collection. But guys, if you happen to not have any idea about them yet, you can personally check their site out => http://www.bornprettystore.com/ They have tons of items you'll surely love if you're a makeup savy as me. I myself had so much fun checking their site and I was literally rooting a lot of their items.
 Two of which are these:

Crisscross Natural Black Thick Handmade Eye Lash

Waterproof Body Art Decal

I'm so excited to try them! I'll make a separate post on each review :)
And by the way, if you happen to purchase an item(which I'm sure you will) use my code (ROSEH10) to get 10% discount!
Till my next post!


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