Festive 2015

Yeah! I now have to make my self used in writing 2015 in my examination sheets. 2014 was a good year - no doubt. This blog has been with me for around 3 New Years! Wow! I've been on a couple of hiatus for a lot of reasons but still, I always have that enthusiast to keep doing what I love. And that is keeping my life posted with this humble blog. Yes, I have worked with several online shops which is really awesome and I'd love to do a lot more of it this year, BUT I do not consider myself a legit fashion/style/beauty blogger. Rather, a blogger who simply love to post fashion, beauty and other random things I fancy. This blog is like an outlet of my self. 
My Lookbook is full of dust and cobwebs right now! lol I haven't posted much outfit last year so definitely, one of my goals this year is to take a bunch of outfit shots for you guys! :) 

I took a rest from greens and red for the New Year celebration and decided to pull of this mini dress from Romwe. I had this dress for quite some time now and I still haven't used it not until this very moment. I wore a black leggings underneath and flaunted my awesome Romwe boots! I wore light make up and just put my hair together in a cute, simple bun to complete the look and tadaaaaa! I'm good to go.
I just have to begin shredding some fats right there! and there too! I look petite but I'm sure none of you can easily tell that I have tons of fat (gaining everyday) right on my tummy area. I used to easily hide them before but now, it's totally unmanageable! T.T 
Thank you guys for being with my blog for years now :) I'd love to know how you spent and what you wore on your New Year's Eve celebration. God bless your 2015 lovelies!
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