Easy DIY: Bracelet Organizer

I've always been into DIYs. I super love recreating pieces into something useful and vibrant.  It makes me juice out my inner creative self during the doing process. I've been following several amazing Youtube Gurus that does a lot of DIY projects and they influence me to do my own DIYs too. And because I love tumblr and pinterest so much that I always scroll and scroll almost every hour, I found a lot of super good DIYs there too and it just inspires me more to be creative and do  more DIYs.

I can't remember the last time I did a DIY project. Good thing I have a lot of vacant time right now and so I did one! You won't be stressing your self out because it's super easy, super cheap and super fun! 

All you need are the following:
* Empty wine bottle
* Spray paint
I'm pretty sure you have an empty wine bottle. If not, you can simply buy one and drink all of it. LOL That may sound funny but I mean it. Literally! You can also ask from one of your neighbors or maybe on the junk shop? And also, the spray paint is affordable too. You can opt for any color you want! 
No fuss, simply spray the paint all over the bottle. We want a clean canvas, so we make sure to spray one coat at a time. We don't want the paint dropping on the bottle. Let it dry and then it's time to burst out your creative juices! you can design the bottle whatever you like.
After the design process, you can now stack up the bracelets! :) 

As for me, I decided to keep it simple because the bracelets will already serve as the design. I just put some tape here and there then an artificial flower to polish the look.
Aside from being a bracelet organizer, it also serves as a book organizer on my table.
Super easy right? Tell me what you think and comment down below if you've done DIYs like this :)


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