This 2015 I will

be a better blogger! HA!
I know, I know. It's always been a long list of the same resolutions and goals every year. It might sound ridiculous but I think it's definitely better than not having any goal at all. Many might be repeated by the next year but at least we've crashed out some that has been done. Right? :) 
  • First on the list is to definitely not miss a day without reading a chapter in the Bible. I used to read one chapter a day but I always end up tired and sound asleep. I have to read back and get closer to God by this year. I gotta resist from all the temptations the world could give and save myself.
  • Land a decent job with good pay! I have to earn and save by this year. I've had an interview December of last year but I guess it wasn't my time yet coz I didn't received an follow up call. It's a brand new year, fresh start and definitely a better one. Who knows, I might get a better job position than the one I've applied last year right?
  • I also have to get my teeth done! It's getting worse and I should get consultation from our dentist. I'm quite in doubt about maybe getting braces because from what I heard, it feels weird and very painful.
  • I've been raving about getting an SLR. It's always been in my wishlist but I still don't own any *insert sad face . And this year, I hope to be able to save and get myself an SLR as a reward by the end of the year, maybe?
  • I am an avid fan of Youtube Lifestyle gurus like Bethany Mota and I super love how they do DIY decors for their rooms!They give me a lot of inspirations. I actually have a lot of room decor ideas right now ready to be realized by this year!
  • Since I am a very avid fan of Youtubers, I was thinking of maybe doing some Vlogs or maybe a couple of tutorials when I get an SLR :) what ya' think?
  • New year, new hair eh? yeah! that's what I was thinking too. Maybe by next week, I'll have my hair done. I've been thinking of cutting my hair a bit shorter and adding a hint of color.
  • As a blogger who ventures about fashion and beauty, I definitely have to make more outfit posts and beauty reviews! I hope I could be able to give you better quality photos by this year. I literally have to save up to buy an SLR.
  • Aside from getting an SLR, I want to go on a Holiday vacation with my family by this year too!
  • Also, I love to learn how to drive! I have to ask my father to teach me by summer maybe? so I wont have to ask him to fetch me after my class.
  • Last but definitely not the least, I have to loose fat and gain some muscles! I've always been petite and skinny but lately, I've been gaining belly fat. I wasn't expecting this since I've always been at ease that I don't easily gain weight. But yeah, I did gain weight so now, it's time to loose some!

I have to have a good income generating job to fulfill most things on my list. I hope to be able to accomplish if not all, then at least most of it! Wish me luck lovelies!


  1. Nice post Charm! I'm positive that you can definitely own DSLR this year. Check out Canon EOS DSLR at they have wide line up of models to choose from. (^,^) I can help you with that.. *wink!

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  2. Hello Em! Happy New Year!! :)) I don't do resolutions anymore but I do yearly goals. I'll post mine soon. hehe. anyway, i also want to do your first item on the list. i used to read the bible every night before i sleep but i somehow lost the feeling/urge because i got so busy ;( gagayahin kita na one chapter a day para eventually, i can read more chapters as the days pass. :)) Also, I want to stretch everyday kasi i have a feeling that i'll be back in dancing ballet after graduation. hihi. and i want to get some abs. lol! have fun exercising dear and i hope you'll be able to do everything on your list!

    xoxo, rae


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