Beauty Review: Born Pretty Crisscross False Lashes

I am a make-up savvy but one thing I haven't tried using by myself yet are false lashes.Though I fancy falsies, I am usually more on casual dressing and I rarely go to events that's why I don't own one. But not until this package came. All thanks to the amazing people behind Bornpretty. I loved all the items inside! (check my previous What's in the mail?)

One item I got are these lovely pairs of Born Pretty Crisscross False Lashes.These are my first pairs of falsies and I am really glad for having these! As I've said, I rarely go to events so I really didn't thought of buying. But still, I wanted to own one in case of emergency like sudden invitations and such. So I immediately grabbed the opportunity when asked to select the products to review. I saw a lot of good falsies but the one who captured my attention was this product. 

So kawaii! The packaging is very cute and attractive. The falsies can be directly seen without having to open the packaging. Also, it doesn't have the usual synthetic/plastic smell of newly opened items. thumbs up!

I love the crisscross pattern for it creates volume and a more natural effect on the eyes. Also, the length is superb! It gives the eyes just the right pop and it enhances the eye makeup more.  

Another thing I liked is how they feel super soft and flexible compared to those I saw that are sold in malls. Also, it doesn't easily break. I usually don't have patience and I do things quickly. When I tried to remove he lashes I was a bit uneasy and so I quickly took it off. Good thing my eyelids were fine and the falsies were still in good condition.

Since it was my first time, I hardly made the falsies stick in the right place on my eyelids. It's either it stick but didn't got my eye shape or it didn't stick at all! (certified newbie here!) Good thing I was patient enough to keep trying until I succeeded! It was literally a victory for me. It was so hard! harder than when I was using an eyeliner the first time. It was not the fault of the lashes at all that I didn't made the application easily. It was mine. I claim that the product sent to me was good! it was me, my bad. HAHAHA! I need to watch more tutorials about this! Michelle Phan? help? lol

 I appreciate the importance of falsies on eyemakeup as it really gives a huge difference! compared to just using mascara, it gives the eyes more definition. It makes you look bolder and fiercer! There are falsies that can be used daily but for this one that I got from Born Pretty, I think it's best for occasions and events. 
Without False Lashes

With False Lashes

Here are some shots to show you the comparison between with and without false lashes.

$3.66 , approximately 150php. It's a good price. Considering that I got the product from abroad with free shipping! It's already a steal.

Would I repurchase?
Yes! If you're on tight budget, you have a lot of options on Born Pretty Store. If you want another design, you can browse from their vast collection. I'm sure you'll find the right falsies for your needs!

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