Beauty Review: Japonesque Make-up Brush Cleaner

I cannot leave the house without a single beauty product on. Not that I'm very sensitive to my appearance but I think I just got used to it. When I was working on a hotel, it's a must to groom and put make up on and that's when I learned a lot about make up and got hooked. I love everything about makeup! You can never go wrong with makeup using the right tools and right techniques.The fact that it can transform you into someone else and that it can enhance your features, totally amazing right?!  
But make up expires, and make up tools like brushes also needs maintenance. The foundation, powder and all the make up products you use will build up within the brushes where bacteria can accumulate. We don't want that right? because it can cause pimples, and skin irritation! To avoid that, we need to weekly clean the brushes. I admit, I am such a sucker when it comes to makeup brush cleaning. I am just very lazy and always procrastinate as I don't have the right cleanser on hand.

I used to use shampoo in cleaning my makeup brushes but the brushes got dry and stiff. Totally a bad idea! Good thing I found Japonesque Make up Brush Cleanser when I was strolling in Ayala. I went there just to accompany a friend and buying this baby was totally unplanned.

Packaging & Design
At first I thought it was a Japan brand based on the name, surprisingly it is made in USA. The packaging was pretty simple and straight to the point No fancy colors and images. Love it.

The smell is really good. I'm not sure but it smells like citrus, orange and the like. But the smell tends to be very strong so you have to minimally spray if you don't want to sneeze around.

It's watery but I think it has some oil to it. You'll notice the oil once you start spraying it on the brush.

The application is very easy but it can be messy. All you need is a clean towel, your dirty makeup brushes and the cleanser. Spray the cleanser at approximately 6 inches away from the brush. Spray all over the brush head and wipe in rotating motion in the towel. 

Repeat until the brush is completely clean. Leave to dry out the hairs. Drying time varies on the thickness of the brush. Also, shape the bristles before drying and do not dry them with the brush on an upright position.
The spraying part could be messy as you're hand could get sprayed and get oily too. 

Would I repurchase?
I got no problem with the product as it is really good and effective but the price is quite expensive.  I'm not sure since I already forgot the numbers but I think it's around P600 for a 128ml cleanser.  I think, it's still a good price as the 128ml can be used for a couple of times for many set of brushes. I actually used this twice and it's still quite full so maybe yes? if I can't find any cheaper yet good brush cleanser, why not?


  1. i want to try it..nice review

  2. I think this is a nice product kaya nga lang mahal siya, if you find a cheaper one let us know :)

  3. this looks good, I'm always looking for brush cleaners which do a good job! X

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