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Oh my G guys! Finally I am blogging and I have an outfit post after a few days of hiatus. I did a lot of things that kept me really busy. Aside from the midterm exams *hopefully I pass* , I've also been busy with my USANA Business and my upcoming online shop. Yes guys you heard it right!  Since I don't have any work right now and it's a bit hard to juggle work and school, I decided to finally put up an online shop. At least I have a little source of income aside from this blog. I'll blog about it on my next posts, for now please follow my shop's facebook page and instagram account :)

Dress: WSDear
Boots: Romwe
Necklace: Romwe
Metallic Tattoo: BornPretty

Don't you love this dress? If you've been reading my blog, you'll know how I love black and whites. I don't know about you but for me I think they're just so amazingly perfect. I mean, they're already bold statements that you don't need to accessorize.

Got this dress from WSDear by the way guys.I blogged about them on my previous post (read here) but just in case you don't have any idea about them yet, well they are one of the few online shops I love browsing. Not only they have amazing collection of beautiful dresses and other fashion items, but they are also very affordable! and guess what, they offer free shipping too!
One thing I love about the dress is the mesh detail. Mesh just went really on trend lately and I thought I should have to try one. Another trend is the flash metallic tattoo that I am so in love with! I think it gives that elegant / edgy look to every outfit! Thanks to WSDear for sending me this amazing dress! the design and size fits me just right! and to BornPretty for the metallic tattoo!  
The cloth is a bit sheer, more like made of chiffon cloth so better yet wear something inside to cover up. I actually can't think of anything to partner with the dress and I was even on a hurry while I was taking these shots, I just grabbed anything I see. But I think, it looked quite well. 
What do you think?
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