Late April Haul

This was a pretty dull week. My daily routine is the same everyday, like house-work-house and like sleep-eat-work-eat-sleep kind of thing. Nothing big happened. I missed a couple of yoga sessions already (I do yoga now btw pals), haven't watched the series I've been wanting to see, got lazy over checking my social media accounts and always getting things on delay. It might just be not my week.

I miss home too. I want to go home, like really go home and stay there and work there! but its not easy as 123 coz I've invested a lot here and I've started my career here already. But I still don't know yet. I should be doing a lot of thinking in here.. lol

Well, so much for all the ramblings and rants, here's my late April haul.  The cosmetics are mostly unused and aren't blogged about yet.
Avon Color-fold-up Palette, Avon Mineral Blush in Radiance, Elf Volumizing Mascara, Sophie Paris  Magic Pink Cream
 Got these clothing a few days ago from the mail and I instantly fell in love with them.

Persunmall Burgundy Pants
I adore the rich burgundy color and the fit too. Its just a little bit hot when worn. Not suitable for hot weather and season like summer.
Romwe top
 I super love the top from Romwe. The color is so relaxing and the fit is just for me! I also am so stunned with the pants.
Romwe sunglass and stack bracelets.

Have a great night ladies! :)


  1. love the pants dear. thanks for the visit and the sweet thoughts =) new post on my blog =) keep in touch =)hugs

  2. i love romwe!

  3. I love the burgundy pants! Sad that it's too thick for summer. I like your top, too x

    Francesca of


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