Glam Works Nose Pore Strips Review

 This is an overdue post. I planned this post and took these photos waaaaaaaay back. Last year I think.  I immediately drafted this one when I saw the photos and I was like "I forgot this?" I was really planning to post this one and had my sister model her nose so I can make a review.

Bought these Glam Works nose pore strips at Watsons. I forgot the price already but I am pretty sure its affordable. My sister was having heavy blackheads specifically on her nose. She tried washing it regularly concentrating on that part but just didn't worked. So she bought this one when we were at Watsons.

I can say its really effective. It easily rid off the blakcheads. You just need to follow the instructions written to achieve the effect. You will need to have the nose area wet before you apply the strip. It will not work for dry skin so you really need the are to be wet, not just damp. The water will make the strip stick to the nose. After a few minutes, when its about to dry you need to take it off quickly. And that's it. Its actually simple but you need to stick to the instructions specifically. 

Before (without flash)
Before (with flash)

During the application
 My sister's first application was failed since she didn't wet her nose really well. And if you can see right there, it was still even a bit dry. You need to really wet the nose for the strip to stick and get those blackheads off of your nose. 

And the effect?

See the blackheads that got stuck at the strip? those were from my sister's nose! hahahahha quite impressive right? Its effective but somehow, the strip couldn't cover the narrow areas. 
Anyways, blackheads are caused by locked dirt so if you want to be blackhead free, you need to wash your face regularly or use a facial scrub once a week to take off dead skin cells and deep rooted dirt. Remember, if you really want to cure or find a perfect solution for something, you need to cut or prevent the thing that causes it.

Have a good night everyone!


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