Rowme Haul

I'm an avid Romwe shopper and all I can say is that they are one of a kind. They have the cheapest items yet the coolest in style! what more can I ask for? and! take note, free shipping worldwide!

I got a lot of Romwe items already and as far as I know, they have been growing and improving to serve us, their customers better. It seems like my wardrobe is currently dominated by Romwe products and it might be added with a lot more Anyways, here's what I recently purchased from this adorable online brand :)

Who's an avid Romwe shopper like me? :)


  1. your blog is simple and cute, been browsing
    through your post. love it.
    great finds from Romwe as well.


    am following your lovely blog
    through GFC and Bloglovin.


    my Dressale wishlist:


    keyti of brushesandpens


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