Going Casual with Persunmall!

I love wearing the simplest yet trendy style whenever I got out or if I got errands to do in town. Since I wear my uniform six times a week (take note, I wear my uniform from my house to work, directly), I don't have the chance to express myself through fashion. So I make most of my free time by wearing what I want in the most presentable way I can. I try to make everything simple yet trendy.

1. Ombre Cardigan
2. Grey Top
3. Denim Shorts
4. Backpack
5. High Cut Sneakers

I saw these pieces at Persunmall and I fell in love immediately with them. especially with the grey top. I love simple printed tees paired with denim shorts. They're just so chic yet simple. A nice cardigan can add a bit of pop to the look as well, plus it serves as warmer in times of cold weather right? double purpose. Going casual by pairing it with your favorite sneakers and cute backpack. Very hip! :)

What 'ya say? :)


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