Instant Fair Works!

This blog started as a personal output of feelings and thoughts. It began with posts about how my day went, major happenings in school and anything about my personal life. Things started to change when I began following fashion bloggers especially our very own locals. They ignited my enthusiasm and there I found something interesting to keep me blogging.
Freego Top, Romwe Glasses, Romwe Skater Skirt, Shoes from my Mom.

 I have never been a good blogger especially when it comes to fashion. Im not that fashion oriented in person compared to other fashion bloggers. I just blog about how I clothe my self the way I really do in real life. This blog became a mix of my personal life and everything I fancy like fashion and beauty. And it what makes this blog going up to now. I love how I blog, what I blog and that keeps my passion burning.
The moment I saw Kryz Uy's facebook post about her appearance on Vaseline's Instant Fair Works launching at Ayala, I immediately though of at least seeing her in person. And yes, I really did. It was quick but it was a nice experience. I grab one of their products too since I also needed a new bottle of lotion. I tried it on and it was really Instant! You'll look whiter in an instant but I guess its because of the lotion's color.You become a shade whiter when mixed to your skin. Maybe if used continually, you'll see the actual result even without the lotion.Just a thought. Because nothing works in an instant. My blog has never reached 700 followers overnight neither do chubby people lost kilos in one work out session. Right? There's no shortcuts in life. Everything comes from hard work. I hope everyone will keep that in mind :)

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