When I was in high school, I knew Geek was something related to computer related tasks. It was never that famous before, not until the Geek shirt was released and became one of the most in demand shirt online. The word itself sounds pretty edgy but if you search it in Google, it means unfashionable. Nice juxtaposition.

The moment I saw it online I immediately fell in love with it. So I bought one online at ROMWE and I was really amazed with its quality knowing that it was quite cheap (got it on sale btw). The shirt is simple but I love the fact that its loose. Then the cloth is just perfect and the color too! something I can wear and pair with everything! Very versatile and on trend! I always wear it casually with a pair of jeans and shoes on a normal day but if I'm feeling a little fancy then why not add something extra to it right? like wearing a skater skirt? a leather shorts plus sneaker wedges? perfect! I'd love to wear it edgy, casual and simple :)

I love Romwe. If you've been reading this blog then you might noticed that. Almost all of my online transactions are from Romwe and I just love the brand. They never fail to surprise me and their service is really improving! each time I order, they always have that giggle feeling. lol Anyways, have you tried Romwe? if not then you are missing half of your cyber life. lol! Go and check them out!



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