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Hi lovelies! :) I have a lot of pending posts to blog since last year and here I am trying to make things up. I am trying not to be a lazy blogger here, am I doing good so far? lol 

Rings & Tings has always been a generous sponsor of this blog and they have been giving me wonderful samples from their wide selection of products. They randomly give me the samples and to my surprise, they all fit in my liking, thumbs up! Aside from accessories, they also sell cute bags, shoes and even clothing. Its a one stop shop for every girls like me. Check Rings&Tings to see how cool their products are! 

They gave me these awesome items and I love them to bits! who wouldn't? :)

I haven't used these yet but I will when I got the chance and I'll blog about it here :) Aren't they pretty? 
Anyway, how were the first days of your 2014? So far so good? :) 


  1. I've been struggling to cross-off backlogs this new year too ate em! and it's hard. haha! :) anyway, i love those awesome rings!! so cool and unique! ;D Happy New year!


  2. Awww! I like them all! :) and guess what? we have the same blogger theme! :) Wohoo! hhahaha :D

  3. rings and tings is an awesome site, love what you chose!


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