Naked2 Palette & 2n1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pen REVIEW

Life lately has been a bit odd, confusing and it went really life changing. People are just so complicated and hard to understand, you gotta admit you don't even understand yourself sometimes right? So this kind of feeling has been running a bit the past days as the weather continues to be really dramatic as well. The drizzles, the cold and misty air, the wet roads, leaves and trees swaying and everything. And oh I forgot,the  stirring and the sipping of that hot and warm cup of coffee while playing your favorite sad and dramatic songs you play on Youtube. Its just the right time to think, rethink and think all over again. 

But anyway, moving on to that melo dramatic intro, lets take a look with the awesome Naked 2 Palette that I got. Its just so gorgeous! I really like the shades and the packaging. They're really pigmented and easy to work with the blending and all the application process. It comes with a mirror and a really cute and soft double ended brush. I love the size as well, its super easy to carry on everywhere. My workmates have been really craving about it and I was just like... "I got it online (*wink)"

It comes with 12 pigmented shades; Foxy, Sooty Call, Tease, Suspect, Verve, Busted,
Half Baked, Chopper, Snake Bite, Pistol, Fox, Blackout.

I've used this so many times and in fact I have almost used up the first shade(which I basically always use as a base). I have been crazy with smokey eye shadows since I got this palette though I'm still working on my make up skills. Its really a big help for a beginner like me. Its very handy and it has neutral colors which I can wear on any occasion.

What is a beautiful eye shadow without a perfect eyeliner? am I right? I got this 2n1 Waterproof Eyeliner last December during Metro's Crazy Sale(see here) and I have been having a hard time using it honestly, lol. I just can't angle the tip, I mean I don't know how to make the strokes with the beveled tip. It has a beveled tip applicator by the way. But it pigments well. I might just need a little bit of time and practice, right? I don't know, maybe? or am I just a sucker at this kind of eyeliner. lol

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