Breaking bad habits this 2014

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I know it sounds obvious. Again, another set of new years resolutions. It kinda sounds really annoying to be honest but I still think it'd be better to still make it rather than doing nothing. Its a brand new year which means a fresh start for things. Leave the past behind including the bad things that happened and especially the bad habits you used to do. So I evaluated myself for the last year and I see a lot of bad habits that I need to fix. So I made my resolutions based to those things and here are they:

* Attract positive vibes all year round.
Stay positively minded. Smile, laugh, enjoy, have fun, be friendly and then the rest of the good things will follow. right eh? :)

* Be productive
That means I need to wake up early to start my days right. Less nap, idle moments, daydream and less time for unnecessary activities. I need time management, which one to do first and to do last. 

* Stick to the budget
 I need to be more strict when it comes to holding my money especially in controlling my emotional and mental persuasion towards fancy items at the mall and delicious food at the stalls which by the way are almost everywhere! I will need to open another account for personal savings, what ya' think?

*Get fit and right
Be a bit more health conscious, well at least. Weighing what foods to eat and maintaining some exercise routines which I tried by the way last year but failed to continually do so and sleeping at least 8 hours a day.

* Firm decision making
Thinking a bit more logical, knowing to weigh things and different factors before making decisions. Knowing the consequences and being wise enough to decide what is right from wrong by setting aside personal emotions for the greater good.

*Step closer to God
Daily devotion and wholeheartedly understand the meaning of each bible verses. Relating and applying them for my everyday life; to my friends, workmates and especially to those who are in great need for the word of God.

*Blog better!
Last year wasn't really a great blogging year for me. The start and last months of 2013 was a bit quiet for this blog since I was busy at those moments. It was a bit good  by the middle of the year though. This 2014, I will try to be a better blogger. I will not promise, but instead I will try. I may not be more on fashion this time. *MAY NOT* only means that I might be blogging more about my personal life by this year. But I will not be turning my back on fashion because its what keeps this blog going, to be honest :)

So these are my new years resolutions. Things that I think I need to improve more on by this year. Those mentioned above are just the major ones, though I still think I have a lot more of things to write there. lol 

So what are your new years resolutions? :)


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