DIY: Flower Crown

I've been really eyeing for cute flower crowns since summer but its just now that I pursued in making one of my own. Maybe it's out of my age but I find it really cute and I love making DIYs. Besides, I made this mainly for the debut of my cousin.

Basically these are all you need. If you want to add something to make the flowers more secure then you can. By the way, you have to use glue gun. We lost ours so I just melted the glue stick in the candlelight. hehehhe, eh wala eh.

1. Measure how wide would be the size of the crown's frame. Make sure to adjust it with your head so it would fit perfectly. Cut the wire using the cutting pliers then twirl the ends of the wire in the circle.

2. Take the green electrical tape then cover the entire wire with it. Make sure to thicken the part where the ends of the wire are located.

3. This is optional actually. You can take out the leaves if you want to like what I did. I only used the flowers with small leafy details on it. The rest of the big leaves, I didn't used any of it.

4. Draft your design first before sticking the flowers so you could still plan on how you want the crown to look like. By the way, I didn't cut the stems. If you want, you can only use the flowers and not include the stems. It depends on you.

5. Using the thin wire, tie the stems so you could stick it to the frame. Just twirl the end of the stems.

6. Use the glue stick to stick the flowers into the base and make the crown fuller and clean. Take the electrical tape again and cover the rest of the wires to hide the stems and then....

Tadaaaaa! Final Product! :))

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  2. nice tutorial! easy to follow. plus i like the colors you pick :) love the combination <3

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  3. nice diy floral crown. maybe I'll try doing this next time. by the way, are you using dslr? Ang ganda kc ng photos malinaw. :)

    .never settle for less.

  4. hihi this is so pretty! I love this! I also made flower crown before, but I used head band as a base :'>

    1. Yeah. I saw that post! :)

  5. You're so pretty!! Thank you for the tutorial, I'm so gonna try it ^^~

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. em you look pretty on the pics :) i thought i saw this post in bloglovin before but the link didn't work. i was excited to view it cuz i wanted to make one too! ^^ hopefully one of these days i can buy flowers.

  7. It looks adorable and those photos of you are super sweet. Kisses.


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