Oasap May Favorites

Faux Leather Shorts
I have seen a lot of bloggers wearing this shorts and I love seeing them with this. So why not try it myself? 

Striped Curved Hemline Loose Blouse
This simple black and white striped button down blouse is perfect for tbh casual and formal events. I love it's simplicity and it's versatility.

These are just some of the awesome items I spotted in Oasap. I haven't been on the shop for a while and when I visited back, I saw a lot of items that I missed to review and share to you guys. I am coping u my absence in Oasap and I hope I would through it :)

And by the way, Oasap is inviting deserving fashionistas to be part of their Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies in exchange for a post on your lookbook, chictopia or blogspot. Interested? Join here!


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