Summer Eye Protection

I bought these glasses from Malaysia. I got two of them from brands outlet ( the first and the last one), one from the side vendors (the brown one) near Komtar and I got the other one from Romwe (between the brown and the black sunglass).

It is scorching hot here in the Philippines especially now since we are on the hottest season of the year. I am sure many of you have already spent a day at the beach or still having their best vacation ever. Hitting the beach is one of the most common things to do when we talk about summer vacation. Others prefer to go on an adventure or attend summer camps. Whatever and wherever we go, the sun is up, its heat is intense and its rays are way too strong for our eyes. One of the things we shouldn’t forget when we are out having fun under the sun, aside from sunblock are sunglasses. If sunblock protects our skin from the harmful effects of the sun, sunglasses protect our eyes from the harsh sunlight. Some eyeglasses are even UV protectors. Though they are way expensive, its protection goes way over than expected. Even if it’s not summer, the sun is always there and wearing sunglasses is a must.

When I got stuck, I mean when I had my OJT at Malaysia for almost 6 months, I learned the importance of sunglasses. Aside from its convenience, its style never fails to lift up a simple outfit. You can choose to a wide variety of styles to match with your outfit. My sunglasses grew and grew and since its summer, whenever I go out of the house I always make sure to wear any of them to at least lessen the damage to my eyesight.

In addition to the ones I bought in Malaysia are these two awesome sunglasses that I got from Firmoo. I got them last year and I was impressed with the quality and style. These were the first ones that I had prior to the ones I bought in Malaysia. These two doesn’t have a grade and are both anti UV rays


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  1. Hello ate Em!!! ngayon ko lang ulit nabisita blog mo :( anyway, great sunnies! cool nman ng OJT mo, sa Malaysia! :D Have a great week!


  2. Hi sweete, Loving your blog, I discovered today and I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin, If you wanna follow back..

    Im also a sunglasses big fan! have a nice day, xoxo

  3. wow.. I liked the red and brown shade. I also have 3 pairs of glasses. But I do take suggestions from professional opticians whenever I go outdoors so that I can completely protect my eyes with style.


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