Leggings for Summer

 It’s getting hotter and hotter as days pass. It feels like I want to take a bath every now and then. How I wish it rains at least thrice a week to lower the temperature. Anyway, how’s your hot summer? I am so busy lying all day, watching TV and movies, etc. I am actually thinking of sending my resume to some potential companies but maybe not now… 

As the temperature gets hotter, we need to wear clothes that are light and comfortable enough to freshen us up. Since its summer, I know many of us girls take out and wear all the fancy shorts and tees lying in our cabinets. For me, I do not like to wear shorts everyday especially when I go out of the house because it only exposes my skin to the harsh effects of the sun and I just really do not prefer them. I prefer to wear other alternatives that can protect my skin and yet can give comfort to me like leggings. Since leggings have soft and thin cloth, it doesn’t give that humid temperature like jeans do or that awkward look from the people around when you wear shorts. It feels comfortable and breezy enough. 

Flaunt your cute leggings with a breezy and comfortable top plus minimal accessories and simple sandals and you’re good to go. Effortless, chic and bright. 

What I wear:
Top: Romwe
Leggings: Romwe
Pink Shamballa bracelet: Cutey
Sandal: Opera

You do not need to wear short shorts, sexy top or to risk comfort to go on trend this summer. For this hot season, what you need to wear are comfortable clothes to at least fight the high temperature. That’s why leggings are absolutely perfect for this season.

My akala Superwoman pose!
I always seem to pose like this which I do not why.


Have a great day ahead! :)
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  1. you're back in posting outfit posts!did you tweak your own blog?

    1. yeaah.. i bought .info instead of .com because its way cheaper..

    2. ok na rin yan kaysa sa wala.it's not on the domain at the first place,it's on the contents.i think free ang .info

    3. it costs the same with .com in most of the domain registrars.. but I got mine in a sale :)


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