The Men in "Suits"

  I got addicted to this new series entitled “Suits” starred by the handsomes Patrick Adams as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter … I wasn’t really planning to watch this one because I know that I will be stuck the whole day watching. But since my sister’s power of convincing was quite good that time, I tried and eventually I didn’t stopped watching till my eyes can’t stop dropping off. 

Why do I like Suits? Aside from the fact that it is an Emmy-nominated British TV Show, the stars are handsome, the concept is new and I find it very intelligent and tricky. Mike is a genius but he is stuck in a life that he didn’t thought he would be in. He lost both of his parents in an accident when he was a child so his Grandmother took care of him. But then since his Grandmother was already old to work, he started to work to support both of them. To earn a living, he sometimes takes Law entrance examination for others. One day, he badly needed money so he worked for his best friend who deals drugs. He was asked to deliver a suit full of weeds to a hotel. It was a trap and both of them didn’t know it. When he was on his way, he was nervous and he noticed that there was something wrong about it. He didn’t pursue it but the agents noticed him and began to chase him. He ran trying to escape from them till he accidentally bumped into a room for an associate lawyer interview. He pretended to be one of the applicants and so he was interviewed and while he was walking inside to meet the prestigious Harvey Specter, the suit opened.  Despite of that and the fact that he did not go to any law school and never studied in Harvard, he was still hired because of his intelligence and because Harvey sees his self in Mike.
And the story goes on.. 

See the series yourself and get yourself addicted to it..too.

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  1. hapit pd ko ma-convince ani saqng ate pero wla ui, bz ko. haha

    1. nice kau ni shan pero mkalibog, mkakutaw ug utok. hahaha promise.. ba haha


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