Romwe Sunglasses

I had this sudden addiction with sunglasses when I was away doing my training in Malaysia. I never wear sunglasses back here before I flew away. Maybe because I was not used to it or because I was never aware of how useful it is. 

As I wandered all the corners of Penang, I came to realize how important it is to wear sunglasses. Though regular sunglasses doesn't have that UV protection thing, it still helps your eyes to calm under the heat of the sun. Sunglasses are a must when traveling especially when you go jalan-jalan or tour around a place.

Ever since I got vouchers from Romwe, I got the chance to grab preppy things from the site and most of the time, I caught myself craving for their sunglasses. I already got one and I am planning to get another one. Aside from they're cheap, they're stylish and on trend too! Want samples? see the photos below and drool over with me!

Red Trimmings "Lag Spikes" Sunglasses

Metallic Plate Round Sunglasses

Hollow-out Dark-brown Sunglasses

UV Protection Tawny Rounded Sunglasses


Black Half-band Sunglasses

I have this sunglass and surprisingly I was amazed on the quality and style it has. Its pretty durable and the style is great, doesn't even look like I bought it online. It looks like a designer made sunglass.




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