For almost ten years, my focus was to finished my studies. I tried my best to make sure that I exert extra effort to do every assignment or project that we are required of. Through the years, my alma matters gave me a lot of acquaintances and friends. It developed my skills, attitude and self confidence. I will never forget all those memories I had with my friends. All the moments we shared, the "unsa imo answer?", "pakopyaha ko bi" and so much more. I can never sum up all of those happy memories because they're just so many and too important to not mention all. 

I am so glad that I already finished my college years. Now that I am a graduate, a degree holder... the next challenge is to find a job that suits me. Currently, I am officially an unemployed individual and sooner or later I have to find job and make my own living. But as a fresh graduate, the start of my way to success is not easy and blurry? I don't know where to start and I am a bit afraid that I might end up like the others who doesn't have a job until now. Pressure is also one thing that keeps me worrying. I worry that I might not land in a job that I graduated or I might not get the job I dreamed of. All these and a lot more keeps my head spinning and twirling.

I feel like stagnated or frozen in a not so good state. LOL. I do not know what to call the feeling that I am currently having. Anyway, so much of that. I thank God for everything. For giving me such supportive parents though they are a bit overprotective, for the ever reliable friends who encourages me for times when I am down, for the wonderful teachers who have always been there to help us, and a lot more wonderful people that made me who I am today. Thank you Lord!


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