Last days in Malaysia

I'm finally home! After almost 6 months away from my family and friends, at last I'm back. Being back in a place where I have grown up feels so good and its very refreshing. I am truly happy to be back but my Malaysia memories are still with me and I am really missing the place that I learned to love especially the people that I have been with. Throughout the 5 months of training, they have been there with me and they have been in my happy and troublesome experiences. They complete my Malaysia experience and without them, it would have been so difficult for me to adjust in there.

With Itay and Fad during our last jalan-jalan together. Itay has been so kind with us. We've been so demanding to him and I know he's so annoyed with us sometimes. He really knows how to treat his daughters (or shall I say younger sisters, now I know that his exact age is 21!). Thank you Itay and Fad for all the memories we shared, for all the jalan-jalan, makan and everything!!! you made my Malaysia experience such a fulfillment! 

 My last duty was with these two awesome people. Time flew so slow making us seize our remaining hours in the reception. It has been a tough ride for us being in assigned in this department. With all the scolds and as well as compliments. When the clock stroke at 10:45 Milo haven't able to hold his emotions and started to blunt out all the heavy feelings of departing the work that we learned to love. Gardeniah and I started to get emotional the moment we saw how Milo's eyes started to get watery. We rushed at the back office immediately and then all the crying session began. lol. Its just so sad to think that we're not gonna be doing all the routine that we are used to do in the whole 5 months of training. We learned to love the work especially the people that we have worked with. The moment the time stroke at 11 PM, we knew we're almost home in a few days and that we can never see or shall I say, it would be years from now that we can bond again with the people that we knew and loved there. Being so attached with them made the farewell so hard. It's just that the friendship and all the bond are so hard to let go and accept that we can never do it again now that we are home. I miss them so much now, honestly.

 During Uncle Engwa's lunch date with all of us. He's been so kind to us ever since before and we don't know why. He's been so soft hearted with us and he always bring us cake with soda almost every night or if not then biscuits and/or ice cream or sometimes the KFC. We are so wondering why he likes us that much. He'll be one of my most memorable person I've ever meet in Malaysia.

These are some of wonderful I've met in Malaysia. They have been so good to us and without them, work will never be easy and enjoyable. We made a tight bond together and it will always remain and will never be forgotten. Thank you Lord for introducing me these wonderful people :)

Visited a temple on the day before our departure. I wished a lot, mostly happiness and good health to me, to my family and friends and to all the people that I became friends with here in Malaysia :)

Life in Malaysia would never be as enjoyable and as great as it was if its not because of these awesome people. I thank God for giving me wonderful co-ojts and for guiding us throughout the training :) I know that it would be long before we can all gather together but the memories we shared will forever be treasured :) I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet all these people and for giving me such a wonderful experience. All those will be forever keep and cherished :)

 See ya soon Malaysia! :) Thank you for everything!


  1. welcome back!
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    1. thanks Jen!
      I will try to join if I have free time.. medyo busy kasi ngaun :D


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