It was last week when I decided to go jalan-jalan alone for the first time. I have been so eager to go alone since I haven't really experience any of that for the past months. I wandered around the streets of Georgetown somewhere around Komtar looking for cheap souvenir shirts. I found a lot of cheap shirts but the cloth were so thin. After almost 2 hours of walk, I haven't bought anything. Instead of shirts, I bought another sunglass. hahahahaha! Another baby in my collection. rots!

I know... You think you've seen the photo in my previous post. hahhahha well.. they're just the same, but not exactly. I just like this angle of my feet. hahahhaha okay. Anyway, I bought that pair of shoes December of last year. I wasn't able to blog about that coz I wasn't on my blogger spirit that time. I love the studs in it :D

I was on the morning shift in Victoria cafe hence the semi formal blouse that I was wearing. The sun was scorching hot and so I had my sunglasses on from Romwe.com to protect my eyes from the glaring rays of the sun. rots! hahahha

I love its design. Very simple yet classy, and its very sturdy too. Thanks again Romwe.com for these awesome glasses :)
I'll blog next time the sunglass I bought during this mini jalan-jalan :)

 Full tanked right after I ate all of these. Yum! yum! yum! fried rice topped with chicken wing plus fresh green apple juice! Who wouldn't be hungry from all the jalan-jalan? :P 


Anyway, watched TV3 around 9AM when there was no guests yet and I was surprised knowing that the Philippine Version of My Girl is currently airing here in Malaysia :) Its so nice to see my favorite love team in TV from a different country. They're quite famous here.. I also saw Budoy once before around 6 PM on the same tv channel. Oh db? pang international na ang Kimerald. ahahahha :D

have a good night!!


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