A week more.

I can't imagine how time flew so fast in the past months. It was just like yesterday when we landed in a totally strange place and then now, were a few days away from coming home. Being away from home for 6 months is a tough yet enjoyable ride. The feeling of having the freedom and learning how independence works were such a fulfillment. I've managed to take care of myself for the whole duration of my ojt here. I've learned what I have to learn. The procedures of Front Office and the whole ties with it; on how to manage complaint and demanding guests, how to correct my mistakes as FO assistant and how to handle a lot more situations.
We have a few more days left in this land which we learned to love and appreciate. So before we bid farewell (i know someday, i'll be back to tour and explore more the place!), we're making most of our time to make lasting memories.
Footsteps in the sand (on music) lol. Jalan-jalan at Batu Ferringhi for the second time. First time was with the boys so Gege and I didn't enjoy that much. Yesterday jalan-jalan was a short one but we enjoyed it much. Walked along the beach side on bare foot with Daphnee and Gardeniah.
 The first thing we did when we got there? EAT. We're very hungry by the time we arrived, especially me since I had a tough morning due to heavy check out. Ate Seafood fried rice paired with fresh pineapple juice. No picture since we directly ate all of it the moment they served the food :D
 The Jumpsuit ladies... hahaha
 feel na feel nko ang song.. lolz

naning mgka.group pic, looy sad bia. hahaha

Epic fail shot. :P
 Tried the cheap fish spa on the road for only RM2 (28 php). It was supposedly for only 30 minutes but I think we had a 1 hour spa there. Since its my first time (kay ignorante lageh), I was laughing the whole time and the people were looking at us. I can't help myself to think that the fishes are attacking me (over!) hahaha.
 Here they coooooome!!!.. But before they could land on my foot, I already pushed them away or I already got my foot out of the water. hehehe
 Dapnee's feet were they're favorite. hahahaha
 Slowly, I got myself used to the feeling. At last, for arounf 15 mins of being a coward. I overcomed the feeling. After that, I didn't wanna stop.
 oh db, papicture pa!
Wore the shirt that Itay gave as a souvenir for us during his trip to Langkawi. The shirt was big for me so I cropped it :) Armparty courtesy of (infinity bracelet)Romwe, (Pink shamballa)Cutey and (skull bracelet)The Phrenzy. Thank you! :)

 The fun never ends there. There will be a lot more jalan-jalan to come. We want to cherish what's left since we're coming home days from now. Malaysia has been a wonderful experience and I will forever be grateful for all the things that has happened. To all the people I've met here, I will always cherish all the time we've spent together and I will forever remember all of those. Thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful opportunity :)
Have a nice day ahead! :))


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