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Oh well, its the most awaited part for all the love birds and the most bitter part for all the singles out there. A day of both happiness and bitterness at the same time. Quite odd, right? Valentines days for me is to  reach out and make the people around you feel extra loved for this extra special day. I know we we should make the people around us loved in each day but Valentines day is something special. Special to the fact that we take extra effort in showing it. Am I right? hahahha that's my idea of Valentines day though I really don't take extra effort in showing some l.o.v.e(well maybe a bit) and I don't know why. I'm not good with showing and being vocal to other people, coz I'm not used to. I may not be showy enough but trust me, when I say I care and I love someone, I mean it.  

How was your Valentines day? was it special? was it nice or you felt bitterness inside seeing other people enjoying the day? lol, I don't mean anything with that. But honestly some people feel that way coz I know some. Let's just be happy, celebrate the day with our loved ones. With the family, friends and/or that someone. 

Anyway, since I'm away from home which means away from my family, friends and loved ones my valentines day isn't that great compared to last year. I'm in practicum so no time to celebrate with my co trainees. Last year was extra ordinary. Had a lunch date with a bunch of special people and then dinner date with sister and boardmates :) I miss them so much! 

Since I wasn't able to celebrate this extraordinary day, let me just recap to you how fun my Hearts Day went last year :)

Spread the love guys :)
Happy hearts day! <3


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