Sing your heart out

Last night was crazy! We were only 6 but it was as if we were more than 10. Though it was not part of the plan to bring extra people, it was fun and it made our night out. Itay Hisham finally decided to pursue the karaoke that we've been planning since New Year. At last! :) though Fad wasn't there, we all gone crazy! Singing our hearts out with the beat of the LOUD (literally) music. Two hours of non-stop voice wrecker songs!

from left to right; Lady, Daphnee, me, Gardeniah, Arlee and itay Hisham taking the photo. LOL

kumustang mga birit nato dira? hahahaha

Ahem... :D

Itay Hisham's first wacky. hahahaha in fairness!

Itay..itay.. hahahaha what a face! 

Naunsa ko? hahahaha

take two! :D

I haven't sing like that within months! pheew! Thanks to Itay Hisham for the karaoke and all! no to forget the  makan! :D He knows that we can never really pay him for all that he did and spent for us three but he doesn't complain or anything. He's so generous though we always make fun and joke with him, seriously.. we always call him tambok and we even set the screen saver of the computer saying "Hisham Tambok!". We're so mean yet he doesn't complain.

 Makan right after the karaoke. He does really know how big our stomach compartments are, especially mine! hahahahaha

 Special thanks to our itaaaay! :)

Good night Malaysia!
Good night everyone! :)


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