RED :)

There's just something in red that makes me want more of it. My choice of colors are usually random and bipolar. Its just now that I got fond and stick to one color scheme, red. Red, bloody red, maroon, burgundy, etc. They just attracts me so easily, I don't know why. Red can be paired with anything and its just so sophisticated and elegant. Like lipstick, wear red and then you're good to go. So effortless, like Taylor Swift. I just can't get enough of her new album. RED, hence the title. hahaha but there's no any relation to her album with my obsession with the color, okay?

This sudden fondness is just so new to me since I usually don't have any favorite color ever since before. Now, a lot of my things are red, if not, then pink. So girly, hahaha omg.

Got this on sale :)

Oh diba, hahaha surfing while waiting for someone to buy at the mart...
The day after the karaoke we had. LOL only 5 hours of sleep. But anyway, its not always so its still okay.hahahaha we don't go karaoke often. :P

Have a good day! :)


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