A day of walk, talk and window shopping.LOL Jj was with me and we rushed down the sale sections hoping to grab some bargain. She got discount coupons that we can use so it was an advantage. We haven't used any of it though. 

Romwe collar necklace and infinity bracelet, Oasap bag. thank you!

Watched Hansel and Gretel as well with Jj and had a quick meal. Thai pineapple fried rice with Aloha smoothie on the table :) busooog! 

 My plan was to change the shirt size I first purchase and good thing I had it changed with another size and color as well. Another thing is having a new hair, but said to say I haven't availed the student discounted price. Anyway, I decided to cut my long, messy hair and tadaaaaa! its so short now -.-

oh db? aping mo dira! Please excuse my chubby cheeks!
Good night! :)


  1. maypaka you already had a haircut.ako,sige lang hunahuna to have one but still nothing happens.it's so costly to have a haircut here.OMG!

    1. mahal sd dri uie. haha sakit kau sa dughan ang price

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