My 2012

It was an incredibly amazing year for me. A mixture of fun, adventure and of course problems and the like. It was one hell of a ride. Though I cannot say last year was one of my best but I do believe that each year that adds up to us is a blessing, a good one in fact; that we should be forever thankful for. Not all people are blessed to have another year, know what I mean?

Today is an ordinary day and I know its been days that past and I should have posted this on the 1st day of the year. But since I'm soo not in the mood today that I decided to lighten up my day by doing this post (hopefully it will lighten my day), yep I usually make some serious blog posts when I'm not in the mood and whenever I want to freshen up. 

So okay, I just want to think of good vibes and that is by remembering all the good things that has happened to me in the past year which was supposedly the end of the world, so ironic. Here it goes...

Baking and Pastry & Kaamulan Trip :)

Oedipus Rex making...

Baking and Pastry Finals :)

Valentines day <3

With awesome friends :D 

High school musical days :D

Asian Cuisine finals...

Fun moments during and after duty :D

Christmas party :)

Happy new year Malaysia!

Thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful year! Hopefully this year will be more fun and exciting! 
Good night everyone! 


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