When left alone

Hey'all!  how was your weekend?? hope you had a great one! :) The sun is shining bright outside yet the people here are still on with their respective dreams. I'm all alone, wide awake. Since the silence is keeping me to just sleep again, the bed tempting me to lay down with it. I decided to just surf the net and now, I find my self writing this post without even knowing what to write and talk about. 

Afternoon shift again :) I like afternoon shift, it gives me that freedom to wake up to what time I want. Anyway,there was this crazy man I met last Friday. He was asking about the rate of the rooms and then all of a sudden he began introducing himself to me and talked about stuffs. Off course, I couldn't just leave him there and stop the conversation right away, I was beginning to think of ways just to stop him till he just asked me if I have a boyfriend. Hoooooooooooooooy! he's crazy! he's "gila!" he even gave me his number! -.- crazy old man!! you're around 40'ish something and yet you flirt with a 19 yr old girl? -.- he asked me my age and well, I told him the truth. And he just said "well, I don't mind (with a wink)" -.- crazzzzzzzzzzzy! Good thing guests were already on queue and I had a well accepted reason to stop the conversation. Phew! 


After work or before work, whenever I'm alone in times like these. If not internet surfing, I play with the camera :) trying to convince myself that I look something like good? :P

This was last week when I was left alone in the room and they were all still on their duty. Lady came after me and so, together we posed!

This was.. actually last night. After the function. I also had my mini concert last night, wanna see? rots! haha

Have a good day ahead! :)


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