Happy 1st monthsary Malaysia

Being in a far place away from family and close friends is never easy. I never thought I could survive without them during my first days here in Malaysia. The first week was a struggle to keep my self from emotional downfall. Almost every night, I was thinking of getting home and how slow the time goes by in each day of duty. I wished time could run as fast as it could every single day.

 Last Oct. 21 marked our first monthsary here in Malaysia. With the 1 month stay and duty, it felt like I've been here for about months! The experience and the feeling of getting used to my work overwhelms. With the 1 month stay, I've only been to the closest place in the hotel. Though I've been at Penang Island, it was for work and not just for tour. In fact, we were not able to tour the place after the work. How I wish I could go back there with friends in time, with money? :D

The first month was a blast, to sum it up here's some photos I grabbed from my co-ojts here:)

During our tour on our first day at the hotel :) 
I think I've mentioned how their food goes very different from ours in the Philippines. They love curry very much. As in every thing with curry! That's why I spent most of my money on buying foods outside almost every after duty. There are a lot of hawker stores around the hotel so it wasn't difficult for us. We had our tour guide which we met at the hotel, a Filipino guest and he tour us around the place! Thanks Sir Elmo! :) 

After a few days, we were told that we are allowed to eat supper at the Lobby soooooo, we don't need to go outside every now and then just to eat :) Thanks to the chefs who ALWAYS grants out requests. Rice, fries, ice cream... and not to mention lasagna :D hehe
We also attend functions and events upstairs. Whenever the hotel got functions, we're always present! even during our day offs (that's the time we take part time jobs, wherein we are paid per hour). We do food presentations here and there, serve guests, prepare the function rooms and all :)
Got a chance to sing in the lobby around 12 AM after my duty. There were no guests around and so is Bagtak so were free! :D 
I love how humble and generous the staff are. The chocolates above were give by the security guard here  all the way from Taiwan. He gave us a total of three boxes :) and just this day, additional 2. Also, the driver who brought us to Tesco on our first night at Pearl View treated us Satay last week, we ate around 8-10 sticks each!  Another staff we all consider favorite is Pablo, he's the chef who grants our requests every supper. After his leave, he also gave us a box of chocolates all the way from Thailand. Even the guests, when they buy at the mini mart, they treat us! As in! And not to forget, Bagtak. She has been constantly treating us these days, same with the other front office staff :)

Newly found friends :) 
Did a lot of chitchat and getting to know each other talks. I know its so early to say that we already know each other so lets just say we know a bit of each others' personality and background. They're so easy to get along with and they're also gila (crazy)! like me :D

Actually I just ate downstairs and since I am still full, I'm writing this blog entry now. It already 7am here yet the sun is not yet up and right now... I feel so sleepy so I think this is it for now. 

Soo...Good morning to you all and good night to me! :)


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