Front Office

First day of duty. Duty time starts 3pm to 11pm, straight with only 30 minutes of break and with no chairs to sit around. 8 hours of standing. Isn't that tiring? With the 8 hours of duty we had, they injected us with A LOT of things about what FO (front office) is. Too many to remember at an early time. Imagine, its only our first day yet we were taught how to check in guests using Opera System and yes, we ourselves processed the checking in of the guests.  I know this would be very easy for us in time when we get use in this work. But as early as now, they expect us to make things perfectly. Our Supervisor (can't tell the name), already told us during our first meeting that she really scolds people. She's so strict during work. After work? hmm, that I don't know yet :D but I really do hope she's kind.

We weren't able to eat our breakfast, they served the food too early around 6 Am. At lunch, I didn't eat at the canteen coz I can't eat curry everyday. They serve food with curry every meal every day. Know what this means? I'll be stick thin after this ojt. LOL I can't eat the food, I prefer eating snacks during meals -.-

And off course, language barrier. Its hard to communicate since they cannot speak english, almost all of them. The rest, if they can speak english, either they know a little or they pronounce differently, very slang! we cannot understand. 


  1. Aww. I hope it gets better with time :)

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  2. good luck.language is a great barrier jud.


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