Hi Malaysia!

Stressed! A whole day of tour and orientation. We arrived around 3 or 4 in the morning, travelling around 8-9 hours from Kuala lumpur to penang. We arranged our luggage and rested around 4:30 AM. Early breakfast at 7 AM so we had to prepare around 5:30 to accommodate the 5 of us in the CR. I barely had sleep in the bus and then I haven't slept when we arrived. Isn't that tiring? -.- a day of walks and talks with the head of the hotel and resident manager. We rested around 5 PM. 

We'll start to work tomorrow. First impression with the hotel? not really that good. Based on what I've read in the reviews online, the hotel was not good because of the negative reviews. But it all changed when we got here. They actually have a cool hotel, nice lobby and rooms. I think the negative reviews came from the old part of the hotel, but at the present, they are renovating the hotel. In fact, they have started renovating it and they have opened their Fajar wing with 92 rooms. A total of 402 rooms in the whole hotel. One thing I noticed were the staff. Some were wearing slippers, others were not on their pleasant appearance and a can barely see the staff around. Their canteen is so small and it doesn't look like a hotel canteen for employees at all. And then the food, all curry. I'm not that fond of eating curry, I only eat chicken curry (filipino taste) but here, almost everything has curry. Even their bread, they have stuff with curry. tsk2 I think I'll loose weight here t.t chos! haha

As for our stay, we have a nice room, we are five in the room, double deck beds and then our room is connected with the room of our girl-friends. Air conditioned room, free water as well as electricity and yes, wifi :) and Tv too! not flat screen though :)

I think that's all for tonight. I'll rest for a while, we'll go to a mall later and guess what, we have our service who will take us there as well as in going back here :) so nice of them! 

Take care guys!:*


  1. Hi em! it's soo nice to hear good things from Pearl View. HAHAHA.char. nag english2 sd ko, anyway, enjoy the rest of the 6 months. :))) See you around. XOXX

    1. naku ban. haha see you in 6 months ata jd. kay mga 8 hours ang biyahe. haha

  2. Replies
    1. oo shan. haha kay wa jd lami pgkaon dri. bidli kaung curry haha


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