27-28 :)

Bagtak was on duty. She was in good mood though. I haven't received scolds, thank God! :) There were many guests but not as many as the other night. I was a lot better than the previous days of training. I got faster and better in work. Guests were good and though I sometimes check in them very slowly, they can understand.

Today (28th) is a lot better too though bagtak is on duty. She's in good mood too. There were fewer guests today than before and the previous days. Xanti (my co trainee) and I, we started to get ease at our department. We started to smile, laugh and joke around :) I hope it will be like this in the coming days :)


  1. See. Maanad ra ka ana nila em.. as wat mam bea said, sulod sa dunggan, lapos sa pikas.. haha. God Bless u there. :)


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