3rd and 4th day

Day three(2nd day of training) was a mess, I got lots of awards from our Supervisor. As in lots of mistakes and I got reprimanded a lot as well as a couple of scolds too. LOL I understand why she scolded me, because I did a lot of mistake but she cannot blame me for that, it was my 2nd day of training. What does she expect? that I can memorized all that she said in just a blink of an eye? I'm no genius  and its my first time to handle opera and my first time to be in front office.  There were a lot of guests and I was alone in my computer with no one to supervise me whenever I have questions. Guests says I am too slow and I try to explain to them my situation that I am only a trainee and its my 2nd day of training. They can understand, thank goodness they were so kind to me though they've been lining for about 15 mins to check in. The guests do understand my situation, even though they're so tired from work, they haven't scolded me or anything but my supervisor? she scolds me as if I have been trained for a month there. She said that its better to ask her if we are not sure of something so whenever I have something that I am not sure of, I ask her or the other regular employee but then, she gets angry -.- I just want to make sure of things. We call her "bagtak" coz she got big thighs LOL she's always like "go!go!go! or faster!faster!faster!" no wonder why we all call her bagtak. haha .We haven't eaten our dinner this time coz we had a lot of guests checking in. We haven't noticed the time and dinner in the canteen is only up to 7 PM.

Day four (3rd day) was a lot better. It was bagtak's day off so yey for a scold free day! haha No problem at all, though a lot of guests checked in. Around 8 pm, I already checked in almost 40 guests. Phew! imagine that? LOL I hope I haven't messed anything up or else, bagtak would scold me in my duty this afternoon. LOL Faster than my second day of training though. :)

I hope time would fly so fast!!! March 14! See you Philippines!! I miss home! :(


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