“You’ve received quite a lot of mails recently huh J” the guard told me upon handing me a package sent via LBC. I answered “kinda” haha rots, English! Maybe he’s right. Though I don’t count all of them, I am quite aware how these packages seem to come quite regularly these days. This week, got three packages and I didn’t know they would arrive consecutively. The three ones I got are these lovely pieces J A lace dress from Oasap which I have been waiting for almost a month, Phrenzy accessories and tote purses from Chimera Online Shop.

I know you are quite familiar with Oasap since I’ve blog about it for a couple of times already, showing you the lovely pieces I got from them. This time, I got a lace dress. I tried to fit the dress and gladly it fits me comfortably. The dress looks really elegant and I already thought of wearing this to a special occasion I will be attending this August. Thanks for those who joined Oasap’s Fashion Hunter program for adding some cash to my credits. Don’t you want to join Oasap and be given some credit to shop on their site? Who wouldn’t right? You can join here. 

Photo grabbed from Oasap page.

The other package I got were accessories all from Phrenzy. Have you heard of them? They’re an online shop based on Singapore. They got an awesome web site where you can find all of their awesome items which ranges from headpieces to shoes and shoe accessories. They got sales and discount codes that you can use upon purchasing items with them. 

I got two pretty rings and a cute skull bracelet. I love the bracelet! Usually, skull beads and prints represent something like a hardcore personality right? But because the skulls are very colorful, the hardcore aura turns into a very playful and girly look. Then I got an awesome ring and a mustache ring. I’ve been craving to have a mustache ring ever since I saw them online. Thanks to Phrenzy for sending me one!  Aren’t these accessories cute?  The rings are adjustable so it suits me perfectly. 

Another package I got this week are tote purses from Chimera Online Shop.These are super cute purses! I which I could have both or atleast one of these… Yeah, these are for the giveaway that I am going to host soon J aren’t these purses very cute?  You can have these and all other pretty items Chimera Shop has on their Facebook page. They got a lot of items which you can choose from. Be it shirts, dress, pants, accessories and a whole bunch more! Check their Facebook page here

Have a great day ahead! :)


  1. em, grabe nah! ilove the dress.. akoa na nang purse be .. hahah


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