Lately + Giveaway Winners

I think I mentioned already that our school had a week long feast for the school's foundation so we did not held some of our classes for us to participate with the activities and the like. I participated, well.. a bit. Since its already my last semester at school, I should try to learn how participation is defined coz I know I cannot experience any of these things when I undergo OJT. We had sports, cultural activities, literary, etc. I haven't joined any of those. Since high school I am not fond of competing with things like that. I don't have the courage and the guts to fight with people whom I know are way better than me. Coward (i know right! haha) One thing that I only joined was the Advertisement thingy way back in high school. I joined 2 times and then that's all I can boast. haha  What I mean by being participative is not by joining the competitions and activities, just merely watching is already participating. Right? :p 

A remembrance to MSU-IIT's 44th Charter Day Celebration. 
Oh diba. 4 consecutive sets with four shots each. Di ka malisang ana? :P haha 

I also got my passport already :) which means I can go travel and travel from now on... if I already have the money. I also received the parcel from For this month, they got a cute Oil Blotting paper for review and they sent me one. I'll make a proper review on it once I get some time to :)

Also got my parcel from Clothepedia and the one I won from a giveaway by Death by Platforms :) I got a new polka corset w/ collar and a large clutch :) Will make a full review on these items once I get the chance to, too :D

Remember the giveaway I teamed up with my friends? It ended last night and we got 2K+ entries. Thank you for joining guys! :) among all who entered, 9 lucky readers will win the prize of their choice. I emailed them this morning and the first one to reply would get the item she desire. To those who will reply late, you'll get what's left. As of the moment, all the other prizes were taken and what's left are the GCs. Here's the full list of the winners :)

Thank you to all the sponsors for this AWESOME giveaway! Thank you SunglassesShop, Clothepedia, Koogul, Little Pleasures and Bagellia Filipinas! :)) Thank you also guys for joining!! :) Have a good night everyone! :*


  1. Wow nice bag! Congrats for the giveaway winner :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. Aw... I missed your giveaway ^^ btw, I love your new polka corset ^^


  3. COngratulations to the awesome winners!! :) Could you please consider following each other?


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